Thursday, November 13, 2008


My laptop was out for a few days. I had a lot to write about but it won't happen now. I just want to write about November 10 when two people whose work was with me during the course of my life passed away: Miriam Makeba and Wannes Van de Velde. Wannes was a singer songwriter, painter, writer, flamenco player, a good person, a thinker, a joyful man who loved the city where I live. He also carried anger for what the authorities did to our city. Her personified the spirit of rebelliousness in a kind way to me. Miriam Makeba was the icon of the anti-apartheid struggle. Ages ago, in order that my daughter's father wouldn't have to do his military service, we wanted to emigrate to South Africa, since we knew some people working with the ANC. We dutifully filled out all papers and got as a reply: No thank you, you are not welcome since we don't think you could adapt to the system in place. Actually I should have kept that letter because that was a badge of honor. Miriam Makeba showed the way of non-violent resistance to a hateful regime. Both brought thoughtfulness, joy, resolve and beauty to my life.

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