Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dr Scarpone

Dr Scarpone send me following very inspiring Thanksgiving thought: I came to a realization this morning that I though I'd share with you...and I sincerely hope the same is true for you. I spent the past hour wandering around in a light rain, appreciating the view and my humble home, and when I came back in I noticed my lottery ticket hanging on the shelf. And I laughed. Because there's nothing I need that I don't have. There's not even anything I want that I can't get, or can't do. I'd really be hard pressed to figure out what to do with a hundred million dollars, or even a million dollars. It would, in a way, become a burden, to think of something useful to do with it. It would distract from what I'm doing, which is enjoying thinking, and learning.
The conclusion I've come to is that I'm content, but interested. I'm satisfied, but curious as to what comes next, and welcoming it without even knowing what it may be. I think that's a pleasant way to start a Thanksgiving morning. And just like Christmas, every day should be Thanksgiving.
I am still learning...

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