Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day of writers in prison

Our Writers in Prison Committee of the local Pen-center did well. 12 writers choose 12 different authors and read some of their writings. The totally was moving and strong. The poetry read was thoughtful and stirring.
Putting writers in prison or exiling them or killing them is an age old way of dealing with disturbing thoughts or feelings. We read poets from Myanmar, Nigeria, Tibet, Malawi, the USA, South-Africa, China, Argentina, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey... here you see the MC of the evening, three writers waiting their turn on the podium and the front row with the defiant dozen readers who try to remind all of us that writers still are punished for their disconcerting thoughts. By the way we had a fine crowd listening.

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  1. One of the first significant decisions a write must make, after deciding whether to write a 'straight' or a 'gay'-based book, is to determine which criminal act to perform, and which clues to leave to make sure he is apprehended, in order to be imprisoned and assure his future.