Sunday, December 14, 2008


Antwerp=America was the commercial slogan of the Antwerp based Red Star Line which transported more than 2.000.000 European immigrants to Ellis Island. They attracted the East European migrants and refugees by offering an all inclusive trip: train ride plus boat fare. That was in the times the American dream was written all in capitals, whereas now, people still want to go to the States but the dream is jaded. Maybe Obama can turn that around. The human interest stories are nice, Irving Berlin was 5 when he made the trip... Coming out of the museum Het Steen the life city will steal your heart with the smells of mulled wine, Christmas cookies and such. The visit was concluded by a visit to a Chinese supermarket and a delicious, somewhat overabundant meal ordered in Mandarin by my buddy AJ. What you see is the tfu dish and the no longer flying pigeon.

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