Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Peace, light & love

One of my grandmothers was German. She was might gentle safe heaven in dark times. Christmas as a consequences carries her sounds and smells. Lebkuchen, the Braedele, the dark chocolate coated gingerbread hearts filled with orange marmalade, that one specific flavor of marzipan... Of course also the songs, the mulled wine. Not with the opulence of these days, but just enough to remember, to look forward and backward.
In these dark times of conflicts and crisis, we should remember that the light has returned and that if we work for it peace, love and light, food for all, respect for all that is, is possible. With all my warmth I send love and light.

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  1. And the happiest of christmas wishes to you, my friend. Now, bring on the stollen!!!!! Geri