Monday, December 29, 2008


Friends who had visited my desert hideaway and had enthusiastic stories to tell about the strange fauna in the bar, invited me to diner to share their experiences. Father and son are both journalists. They are loud and boisterous and the lady of the house holds her own in the spitfire discussions. These exchanges are fun. And the dog got fed well too. Is Obama right wing? Will he close Guantanamo? Sorrow and sadness about the horrendous situation in Gaza, the good plan of David Scheiner and Professor Kader, conflict resolution, the beauty of Antelope Canyon and Glen Dam, all was discussed...

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  1. The strange fauna in the bar in the desert are still yapping about the weird alien visitors they recently had, and are going so far as to check Area 51 in Nevada, and the Roswell, New Mexico internment camp, to see if any of their green people are missing.