Thursday, December 25, 2008

Family gathering

We gathered at my parents place for the marathon evening of the year. We get treated to a nice dinner, and have to wait till midnight for the presents. It is then my mothers prerogative to put the baby Jesus is the manger. They put up a nice tree. We sing, what I do can't be called singing in all honesty. We talk, eat and drink. This years innovation was a night walk through the woods. The lanterns I brought were too weak to avoid the potholes and puddles; the returning light not yet strong enough to help us out. It was an old fashioned night. The parents were happy although my mother doesn't know where she is. She said at a certain point 'I may have to leave'. That gave me a chill. But she has a good time when we are all gathered around the table. I wonder where she thinks she is... I hope she feels it is a warm and comfortable place. And yes the dark chocolate covered, orange marmalade filled hearts and the gingerbread got eaten.

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