Friday, December 26, 2008


Last weekend I tread on uncharted territory. A bunch of topnotch musicians: Jakke on Sitar, Michel on guitar, Sadig on the lute, Jean with alt clarinet and North African drums, Theo with drums and Peruvian flutes, Katelijn with her jaguar cello, and Joachim who was my first taste of overtones in voices going deep into body and mind, joined by Pieter and Kaja each in different tones and style. Not knowing anything about music I was privileged to be with them on stage in a series of living room concerts reading North American Indian contemporary poetry. Jean was my teacher and found the images and words on what to listen for as to when to start reading. Being there with them was a deep experience, in the music, in the time, in the now, but out of this world.
The last picture shows Katelijn talking to the audience just before the start. After the performance she fed us with warm soup, homemade pies by her friends and warmth and friendship.

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  1. had een vaag gevoel van spijt dat ik er niet bij kon zijn. maar dank zij dit berichtje kan ik toch van dit schitterend 'living room concert' meegenieten. nog eens een dikke proficiat!

    een prettig eindejaar