Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Does NATO contribute to Peace?

Make a stand, we make a difference... You make a difference. Or at least lets act as if we do make a difference, then at least we do contribute to peace and conflict resolution in our non-violent way.
Part 2:
In many European countries a large part of the population doesn’t agree with the world leaders who chose to settle conflicts by war and military posturing. In Poland they don’t want an American rocket shield, no new bases in Italy, in Belgium no American nuclear weapons. But time and time again the aspirations of the population had to give way to the higher interests of NATO. Yet we cannot stand by idly and let it be.
We ask ourselves: is NATO the right instrument to prevent the outbreak of war, armament increases and the spreading nuclear weapons. Does NATO really contribute to peace?
In 1949, in the wake of the Second World War, 10 Western-European countries together with Canada and the United States formed a military alliance. They agreed to defend their territory together, if need be with nuclear weapons. Today NATO has been enlarged to the territory of the former Soviet Union. NATO looks with greedy eyes towards the Ukraine and Georgia in an attempt to fully cut off the old enemy Russia. NATO has drastically enlarged its competence. It deals no longer only with the defense of its own territory. NATO conducts military interventions all over the world. These interventions NATO considers even to be one of its core tasks.

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  1. So long as NATO exists, and so long as the US is a major director of it's activities, all peoples of the world must get used to the idea that they are all, potentially, 'collateral damage'.
    For the US has the ability to know what anyone, including you and your neighbor, says on the phone or e-mails to a friend. And should a US computer 'determine', in it's infinite wisdom, that you or your neighbor disagree with the status-quo, the 'established' government, you or your neighbor may be adjudged a 'terrorist'.
    And should there be a 'computer glitch', or a 'glitch' in the mind of a human reviewer of the computer's judgment, the US has the ability and the power and the lack of good sense to remotely direct a missive to 'remove the terrorist threat' posed by you or your neighbor, by destroying your (or his) home(s).
    In which case, you (or he), and perhaps several (many) of your neighbors become, 'regrettably', 'collateral damage'.
    Think it couldn't happen to you? It's happening today, and almost every day, in several places. Is your neighborhood special? Will it be so tomorrow?