Friday, March 28, 2008

The surrender

The dutch title is De Overgave by Arthur Japin, as far as I know the novel is not yet translated.
The story starts when a group of Comanche Indians raids the fort of Family Parker. It is Granny who tells the story: children and grandchildren are abducted or killed. Some she finds, but they are lost anyway because of having grown op in Comanche culture, or because of what they suffered. Finally her grandson finds her: Quanah Parker. The story is about the search and hope and love that never stops, nor diminishes. It is also about hate and racisms.
Obama Barrack’s speech about race made me think again about the book. Also Obama’s white grandmother had hate and racism in her and yet she accepted him… and thus he accepts her. Racism is a historic fact. I knew an old saddle maker, George Parker related to Quanah Parker and wonder whether one day we’ll really know what we are and who we are. In the wave structure of matter we are all matter and all equal. Some of us are more fun to be with than others, but that is just a matter of taste or bad taste, whatever the case may be. Maybe the question is will we ever know that we are.

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  1. The question, the ironic question, is whether Obama, the very symbol of the enormous progress the US has made since the War of the Emancipation of the Slaves, will win his dream, to become President of the US, and immediately become a slave.
    A slave to the enormous power of the NeoConZionist faction in the US, which, to a large extent, controls vast areas of the political, media, and economic facets of the nation.
    A slave to the greed and mendacity of the Corporations, which control the areas of the US not dominated by the zionists, as well as collaborating with them for overall control.
    A slave to the economic reality of the system, which enforces the status quo, a system of government-by-bribery, in which the zionists and the corporations use their power to secure government privileges and funding (tax breaks, outright grants, 'foreign' aid), a percentage of which they kick-back to the politicians in 'campaign contributions', to insure that their funding and power will continue in perpetuity.
    Ah, the irony that the 'Bastion of Freedom in the World', (the US), will make a slave of the symbol (Obama) of the success of the Civil War, fought to free the slaves.