Friday, March 21, 2008

Political courage and debate needed

The weather is foul: hail, snow, northwestern storms and rain, around freezing and will be so tomorrow. The walk tomorrow will be around the terrain of NATO. Imagine muddy roads and the words of all the writers held up to politicians who are deaf, only hearing their self created storms. We will not be doing anything illegal unless reading poetry is against the law...
Part 5:
At this point when NATO is on the verge of reformulating its content and the reason for its existence, we want to advise our political leaders to end the illegal nuclear policy of the Alliance and to evaluate thoroughly means, goals, democratic control and the opportunity of NATO. For that political courage is needed. Does our present generation of politicians lack this courage? If yes, we have to give them that courage. We have to raise our voice.
March 22, 2008 on and around the NATO Headquarters in Brussels the action NATO GAME OVER takes place. It is a civil disobedience action. Groups of free citizens will try to go on the NATO grounds and will seal gates, windows and doors. They do so because all the usual democratic means to end the NATO’s nuclear policy have been exhausted.
We want to point to the importance of this kind of non-violent initiatives. Once sovereign states founded NATO in name of their populations. If citizens out of concern want to control NATO’s wheeling and dealing, then this points to their commitment. The Belgian authorities should not respond to this commitment by a show of force and police violence.
Let us not sacrifice democracy and freedom as Iphigenia in order to win senseless wars.
A military alliance, intervening worldwide, possessing nuclear weapons and willing to use a first strike, is a risk for world peace. Let us therefore start the debate whether the existence of NATO is indicated.

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  1. As distasteful as it might seem, the sacrifice of Iphigenia should be considered if it would save freedom and democracy.
    Surely if the Muslims can find women to sacrifice themselves for their cause, to perpetuate Koranian fanaticism, we in the democratic societies should be able to find an Iphigenia to assure the future of our principles. While the deliberate death of a female, or anyone, is undesirable, is it less desirable than the slaughter of 4,000 service men and women and hundreds of thousands of civilians?
    I think not. So let's just do it.
    Now, where are we going to find an Iphigenia? And when we do, and sacrifice her, will we be accused of racism?