Thursday, March 20, 2008

Loss of balance

Too much dying is going on, friends and the great poet Hugo Claus whose motto was 'Poetry, Love, Revolution'. So lets celebrate life and beauty and walk for disarmament.
Part 4:
In April 2008 an important NATO meeting is scheduled in Bucharest. The agenda foresees the elaboration of a new strategic concept. In a discussion paper NATO sketches the thrust of its new military strategy for the next decennium, in which also nuclear weapons play a role. The US wants that NATO evolves into a worldwide military alliance of likeminded states, while a democratic, efficient UN could be a much better instrument to promote world peace. Do the NATO policies or those of its members create new enemies or new threats? Of course that question isn’t even breached. If this concept is accepted, the chance for disarmament and d├ętente in the world becomes very minute in the next decennium.
NATO was formed almost 60 years ago to protect one’s territory. For years, during the cold war NATO and the Warsaw Pact kept each other in a precarious balance. By the dismantling of the Warsaw Pact and the fall of the Iron Curtain a new situation emerged. The original enemy of NATO is no longer and NATO together with the USA can go and look for its enemy wherever it wants. No other alliance keeps NATO in check. No other pact slows down its expansionist urge.

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  1. Once one has built a War Machine, such as NATO, it matters little that the original enemy succumbs. For a main purpose of a War Machine is to perpetuate itself, and expand it's power. New enemies can always be found, and fought.
    Especially since the War on Terror has been declared. It's main purpose is to maintain the status quo of all existing governments approved by NATO, and all who oppose, or differ with, the status quo, can be labeled 'terrorists', and fought.
    This guarantees a perpetual State of War, which serves the purposes of NATO.
    We need a War on War.