Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Old dog

This picture is a bit over a year old. Here my two dogs still look feisty. One year, five/six years ago, they had once again changed the rules on me and I intended flying with them to Washington and then on to Europe. They had instated a heat embargo and I could not take them. A helpful lady checked all the rules and since I was working a few days 'somewhere high level' they labeled my dogs military dogs... I was actually wearing a mickey mouse cap. I don't think any of us look the part convincingly.
Now the mama on the right hand side is 15 year and 5 months and is getting weak, very skinny, limping a bit, but usually still happy. I asked the vet if she was in pain. He said no she is ok. She'll let you know when she has had enough... Sad but I am grateful because they helped me through a few dark nights of melancholy. The little one is still double trouble and sweet.


  1. Have you ever wondered what your dogs were thinking when you periodically assigned them to 'Doggie Carriers' and the back of the plane on intercontinental flights?

    Why not, on your next trip, have them classified as 'Military Celebrities' so they can sit up front in a seat, while you travel in a 'People Carrier' in the luggage compartment?

    You (and they) may be surprised to find that, part way through the flight, they are raising hell and clamoring for the luggage compartment, driven to distraction by the screaming children and inane conversations of the people about them. While you are willing to fight them to retain your quiet, restful flight in the baggage compartment.

  2. Yes. The Honorable crossdressing dog Colonel Barking, and mate Brass Bahls. Only the best !

  3. It's better to flight and sleep in een big, warm dogbench than sitting in the passengers cabine in a small seat and grumpy overweighted American stewards all around you.In january 2006 I cryed after arriving in Europe: Back in a free and friendly country again!
    greetz from Europe.