Monday, March 10, 2008

Kris Kristofferson

To see a legend performing life is a gift. There he stood: a black stage, black jeans, boots, his cleanest dirty black shirt, a sunburst guitar, a mike, a music stand for his harmonicas, some water and cleanex and one simple spotlight… He stood and played like a lone busker who had just walked in a cafĂ© and managed to touch each of us present. It was a personal and intimate performance. He played some of his hits, Help me make it through the night, Me and Bobby Mc Gee, Lobos, Sunday Morning coming down… He talked about his friends the Highwaymen and honored other singers and people killed for their convictions. A pleasant surprise was that he gave us many of his political, anti-war songs… Heartwarming, moving. No doubt where he stands on the Iraq War. It was not a polished performance, he forgot the lyrics, played the wrong note, which he acknowledged and which made him real, not a slick plastic performance, but a real singer songwriter getting older and being on the road, touring again in a bus. ‘This old road’ is his latest very worthwhile cd.
The nice old theater had strict photography rules so they gave this blogger permission to take a few pictures… Great, blogging seen as pat of the press corps.
Wonderful, sweet evening full of memories and longing.

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  1. I had the distinct pleasure of not one, but two nights of Mr. Kristofferson in Nashville, in August, 2007. I think in the two hour performance each night, he may have repeated 3 songs. It was completely magical. I've grown up with his voice playing in, and molding, my mind.

    I truly love this man and all he stands for. Thanks for sharing your magical evening too.