Saturday, July 19, 2008

10 years

10 years is all we need to be totally energy independent in the US, thanks to renewable energy sources. Listen here to what Al Gore has to say about our choices as to what kind of futures we want. Let's take up Al Gore's challenge also in Europe... Economy, climate change and security all can be solved without going back to teh stone age. "The stone age didn't end because of lack of stones". Move on.


  1. Al Gore may not have fully thought through his energy independence plans.
    For example, instead of defacing the whole landscape with giant propellers to generate electricity so people can plug in their electric cars for power, why not just put sails on cars
    and avoid building the massive bird-eviserating propeller 'wind farms'?
    Instead of covering billions of square miles of desert with solar panels, and killing off millions of lizards and tortoises, because they can't warm up and get moving each day in the shade of the panels, why not install individual miniature solar panels on pogo sticks and inline skates for human personal transportation?
    Instead of millions of miles of giant pipelines passing natural gas around the world, and all the necessary overpasses and underpasses for reindeer, caribou and zebra, why not anal plugs with flexible tubing for each person so they can each generate and use their own natural gas power supply?

    I think Al's proposals need a little more work, and a stern review by the SPCA.

  2. Human Birth control. A silent ray...or a scented spray....woosh. Fewer humans able to pop out endless humans..century after miserable century..hopefully fewer problems. j

  3. History would have noted, 'The Nuclear Age didn't end because of a lack of Nukes, it ended because of a lack of people...(and the destruction of Earth)'