Sunday, July 13, 2008


Spooky choose the Spanish film by Iciar Bollain who was also responsible for the movie Te doy mis ojos, (Take my eyes). It is a wonderful story of three women, Inès, Eva and Carmen, private detectives in Madrid. By spying on the lives of others they have learned to accept and not to judge the secrets of others. Through the problems posed by their clients they find the courage to work out their own situations. It is a moving, quit film with very talented actors. Problems of conscience and love are shown almost as a miniature, here there is no major drama, just the daily drama's of life: can one love and survive betrayal, can one go against one conscious at high personal cost, can one accept the end of love- when no more words are spoken, when one doesn't matter any more- and move on and be stronger in quiet way... Yes! without it being syrupy.

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  1. 'DURST KROKENDIER SPOOKNIEST UBER ALLES' banners are being carried by the angry mobs storming the White House today at the start of the second American revolution. A few dissidents wave 'F**K LOVE, MAKE WAR' placards, but they are shunned by most as the spookniest weirdos.
    Homeland Security forces have been kept busy extinguishing effigies of durst spookniests, and so far, except for the napalm burning of the protesters on the Capitol steps, all is relatively peaceful.
    Bush announced, 'Boy, I'm really getting tired of all this spookniest cr*p, I'll sure be glad to get out of here in a few months, and you won't catch me messing with the rest of those crazy Uropeans, either'.