Monday, July 21, 2008

The insurection of the mannequins

Street art, the ephemeral results of creativity meant to distract, amuse and maybe mislead passers by. The mannequins changed everyday, they looked and gaped at passers by, laughed at them.

Sometimes a story was told.One had to come back and look for it. I don't know whether the dancer finally fell off the roof.

The fire looked pretty real. After two days the police stationed a car there to stop people from calling the firebrigade. the manequins arrived late, after two days o smoke coming oout of the building


  1. I showed this to my own mannequin, Tracy, and she said to thank you. j

  2. You have started mannequinmania world-wide. The WTO and other conservative groups have started a stealth campaign to replace people with mannequins. In the US, they are rushing to accomplish this before the fall election.
    The process is known as 'Lobotimization by False and Misleading News and Government 'Reports', and Scurrilous Lies by Government Officials'.
    Move-On is starting a donor drive to support a new 'Truth In and For Mannequins' Campaign.
    AIPAC's mannequin, George Bush, commented, 'What's a manny-kin?'