Thursday, July 10, 2008


Even among the tragedies of life people have their birthdays. My grandmother always told me: 'Mann muss die Festen feiern wenn sie fallen'. One has to celebrate when celebration day has come...
A bunch of us found ourself in this charming Alzation Restaurant with the appropriate birthday songs for the two friends who now are a young 60. Presents were unpacked, the food was typical cuisine, involving sauerkraut and three types of fish in my case, good wine and vivid conversation.
I just learned this morning that this kind of companionship is good for one's brain. The interaction in a group is about giving and taking, waiting for your turn, being overenthusiastic, giving all their part of the conversation, stimulating thought also being slightly annoyed at whom told the humpapa orchestra there were two birthday girls, being coy with all the attention and all the goodwill one can stand...

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