Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Know they self

Solitude and loneliness in the masses, Dr Scarpone is right of course in his comment on yesterday's post. Luigi Pirandello said in his novel Uno, nessuno, centomila... that you are either one, nobody or a hundred thousand since we reflect in our behavior the expectations of others, we fulfill the roles we are assigned. I was married twice, and not making the same mistake twice, my two husbands were very different. Their view of me was totally opposite. The gift of being on my own now is that I have the chance to figure out who I am, how I view myself and hold my own. It is here that the other author comes in: Fernando Pessoa. He in his whole oeuvre states that we are nobody and thus can choose to be whom or what we want... And that works for me except when a dark blue spleen immobilizes all of me, then I need a friend...

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  1. Muddy, when you need a friend, you have one (actually, many more than one, but I can only speak for myself(ves)). I do forgive you for 'outing' me as Dr. Scarpone.