Friday, August 29, 2008


Bill Richardson from New Mexico warmed up the crowd. Al Gore delivered an insightful speech, passionate whenever he dealt with climate change followed by 6 normal people, not involved in politics, spoke about their life. It was moving and powerful to hear them explain why their life's events had lead them to work for Obama. The promise to our children is that each of us can make what they want of themselves. The dream is that this would be an opportunity for each of us and that the next generations can pursue their dreams as well. Obama impersonates the American dream. His speech was clear, tough, to the point, 37 practical points of what he would do. Among others give a tax break to 95 % working families instead of to the big oil companies. In the ownership society if you are down on your luck ' you are on your own'. Barack Obama promised to end oil dependency in 10 years using solar, wind, alternative energy and clean coal technology, caps and trade, clean cars build in America. That would create 5.000.000 new well paid jobs. Health care for all, more teachers better paid, equal pay for an equal day's work. He finds the money closing corporate loopholes, by scrapping non working programs. He would end the occupation in a responsible way. That seems to me a code word for leaving two battalions and a gradual withdrawal. His plan is better than staying an other 100 years the other candidate would do. He advocates diplomacy but showed democrat have well defended the country in the past. He has the support of many admirals and starstudded generals. We wake up at the dawn of a multicultural future, with responsibility for ourselves and for all that lives. Yes we are our brothers and sisters keepers: all should be able to marry or have a civil union as they wish, all should have high standard education, and their civil rights respected. Yes we need change, yes we can!

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  1. Yes, sounds good, but what if Obama is just shucking and jiving us all, and his real intent is to appoint O.J. Simpson Atty. General; Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as plenipotentiaries to travel the world and collect tribute/bribes to avoid nuclear attack by the new US War Department, to be headed by the leader of The Crips; put the head of the Bloods in charge of the DEA; his Chicago minister as Sect'y of State; his wife as Sect'y of the Treasury; and retire to his new Dubai penthouse in two years?