Sunday, August 10, 2008

Road rage

The long open road, contrasts in light and dark, rain, storms, high and low... all metaphors for life.

Sometimes one has to ride a one eyed Ford or one is flat and busted... yet the joy of change, the anticipation of all that is possible is exhilarating.

1 comment:

  1. Road rage is most terrifying when, on a moonless night, after hours of hypnotic travel down a seemingly endless desert road, the asphalt rises up from it's bed and wraps the white line around your neck, strangling your life blood and your thoughts, scraping your head along the rocky shoulders, bleeding and bumping, eyes bouncing in their sockets, until just as you are welcoming death, a thin crimson streak appears on a horizon, the white line releases your neck, the road flattens out, and you continue on your way, free of your delusion, vanquishing the road beneath your wheels. Another of life's small victories.