Sunday, August 17, 2008


What we call home depends on our needs, our means and our ingenuity. Diversity reigns. This home has weathered storms and monsoon rains. I go on enjoying the desert, knowing I will return to the city, which too I'll enjoy. A nomad at heart with a longing for multiple lives...


  1. That home belongs to a Cactus Wren. A very tough, 'no fear' bird. The only reason cockroaches will survive the coming nuclear holocaust, is so the Cactus Wrens will have something to eat.

  2. If you have an unsated longing for multiple lives, you must be picking and eating the wrong mushrooms.

  3. Please don't eat too many 'wrong' mushrooms, my friend, because I want to see you back in the city.

    Big hughs,


  4. All of the money in the world couldn't convince me to move back to the madness of the Washington DC Beltway. I am a desert person as well. Nothing more to prove, but everything left to enjoy. Las Vegas provides me with my much needed city jolt. Still, It will be good when you can stay longer. j