Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tex Talk

Last night while reading, under my lamp outside, about 'frames', metaphors and neural mapping I had a visitor. The conversation started about cars: Chevys from 1955 and 1957 (he had over the years each model), Cadillacs, Plymouth, the first Ford Mustang. Wonderful cars with chrome and seven layers of black lacquer, Ivory and rd upholstery. Then he poke about his training and education, all army and rangers. When I stated that I was probably right to assume that he would vote republican, he said : Hell yes!
Then he started talking about his bible study (' Though shalt not kill', should be 'Thou shall not murder', that is not kill with premeditation) and his time in Korea were he did guard duty at the border. One night a young man comes over the border and starts pointing his riffle at him, so he 'stitched' him with 5 shots with a 45 and killed the young man. He said what got at me is that he was about 16-17 years... He was court Marshalled - to keep North Korea from reacting -What and was fined 10 cents per bullet shot, received a carton of cigarettes and congratulations from the court. He said that for a while he had a problem with what he had done, but then he turned his anger and hate to who had send him, making him do what he did.
I finally understand how selfhate can be turned toward others... I finally understand the mechanism of the Vietnam veterans still hating Jane Fonda and I understand why some people still don't speak to me because of my resistance to war...


  1. 'Resistance to War' is very un-American. In a nation where crib mobiles feature detailed plastic AK-47's, and babies teeth on the trigger guards of Glocks, 'Peace' is a foreign concept.

  2. I am always told to "move to France, Iraq, or Russia" by the Bushco apologists for my take on the war. I will now tell people that PRAVDA has some very good articles by Timothy Bancroft Hinchey. They won't read the articles, of course, since Timothy tells the truth about the US "plan" to control the world by way of GW., Cheney, Rove, Mc Cain, Rice, etc.. Someone might call them "Commies" too,for even saying the word PRAVDA and that's a fate worse than ? to an American xenophobe. I had better go "duck and cover". The Russians are coming to steal my TV set. My teacher actually told me that during the "Red Scare". Funny how I wasn't scared. But Bush and Co do scare me. j