Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Strong women

After two tonic/vodka's and a light meal I am saying goodbye to a dear, strong, rebellious friend, moving away. Full of melancholy I walk home just in time to watch Hillary Clinton. We are on the same team and after 8 years of failed unimpeached leadership say No Mc Cain. She spoke of the life of the people, healthcare, the sisterhood of traveling pantsuits. Aware that the standing of the US has eroded in the world and that the supreme court is anti choice, we all need to confirm and stand for equality, civil rights, women's rights and gay rights, strengthning of the unions. We shoold work for public good and not private plunder and windfall profits for oil companies. Green energy and change coming bottom up and not top down, ending the war or rather the occupation in Iraq, bringing home the troops.... this is what Obama and Biden have to do. So let's send them to the White House.
Hillary Clinton gave a great and moving speach, laying out the progressive values and making it clear that for the future of the next generations this election is crucial. I love what Hillary said and how she did it: Martin Luther King, voting rights for women, the underground railroad, everything that was great and rebellious was in the speach. Do go out and vote for open futures with choices and possibiliets for each of us. Futures in which diplomacy has a chance to prevail over sabreratling and bullying. Futures full of empathy and empowerment for all, also in the White House.


  1. Hooray for Hillary. She gave a great speech. But she, and the rest of her strolling pants suit brigade, are furthering the discrimination in our society by howling for 'Women's Rights' instead of working for 'Human Rights' to replace 'Corporate Rights'.
    And she should straighten out her gaggle of petty PUMA (Political Unity My A**) putzettes, who threaten to pick up their marbles and join the other side, if they don't get their way, thus revealing that their 'purpose' is an ego trip, not a sincere desire for the improvement of this society.
    'Course the PUMAs are mostly Post-Menopausal. Younger, more aware, better-educated women, are more in tune with society's overall needs, having found various and numerous paths to 'success', and many are taking a broader, more compassionate, more just view of our future.
    To engage in a debate of whether 'men' or 'women' are 'better' is inane, to deny that they are 'different' is insane. To agree that they should have equal rights is just. But to instill an 'affirmative action' program for women, forcing their acceptance in areas in which their differences render them less desirable or effective than others might be, is discriminatory, and harmful to others.
    Just as it would be discriminatory to force straight males into ice-dancing, synchronized swimming, or interior decorating.

  2. Wish I had been there to have some Vodka. I could use a belt of that right now ! j