Saturday, August 30, 2008

Long lonely roads

Loving the long lonely highways and byways, I still need to keep up with the ways of the world. It is clear now: where the democratic convention was critical but unifying the choice of Sarah Palin as VP is polarizing to society in general. The result of the elections will tell us which world view will prevail. She is a hunter, a hockeymam, against abortion, even in case of rape and incest, she is for big oil and drilling in Alaska. She should be more aware of climate change, seeing what is happening with the polar bears. I listen and hear the same words being spoken over and over again and their meening seems fluctuating. Helping working families means to her helping the large corporations and believing it will trickle down... It doesn't work. She may be a Governeror but she is not a compassionate towards women and their lives and choices. Her worldview seems coherent if you operate within her premisses. The premisses are not mine... I am for compassionate empowerment of all.

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