Sunday, July 15, 2007

The code

Are we really living the end of an empire? We witness the wickedness of men and corporations. The humanity and honor they may have had, seem to have been lost. The code is breaking down. Everyday the news shows more killings, brothers with their brothers’ blood on their hands in wars, fights started frivolously. Catullus, a Roman poet wrote that Fides (trust in fate) and Amor (love) only flourish if accompanied by Pietas. Pietas is not piety in old Rome; it is the compassionate code leading to harmony. As soon as a society forgets this, it starts to disintegrate by greed and “men who banished justice from their greedy souls” in Catullus’ words about Ceasar.
This is where we are at in the US. Many of our leaders moreover are Perfidus (you all got that, isn’t it?) and Immemor, forgetful of things said and promised and what is more indifferent. So promise after promise is broken en dignity and ahimsa immaterial in their eyes. Not in mine, but then for me Fides and Pietas never had the meaning of blind belief and piety that it acquired through religion.


  1. hehe, tumbleweedie, daar lees ik weer je schitterende teksten... dit keer put je uit de wijsheden van het oude rome. ja, het lijkt erop of we het einde van een keizerrijk beleven, met alle vormen van corruptie, wreedheden en verlies van fundamentele waarden hieraan verbonden.

    ik heb je blogadres doorgelinkt naar riet de bakker, ik ontmoette haar op een tuinfeestje in beerse en zij was erg van jou onder de indruk! ik ken haar al een hele tijd, apprecieer haar ook (zij is een haiku-dichteres).

    ben je nu in de states? hehe, wou juist voorstellen een uitstapje te maken naar watou!

    veel liefs


  2. Always said: the fall of the Western Imperiales!
    vgl: Val van het West- Oost Romeinse rijk.

  3. This empire began when Mendacius and Hypocriticus and their cabalicus got together with the Zionistii, who decided that they could bamboozle the Americanus Publicuses by running Stupidius for President.
    They siphoned off 20% of the tax dollars sent to support 'Our Bulwark of Peace and Democracy in the Middle East', and used the money to lie and cheat and steal and make the demented, deluded Stupidius become 'president'.
    Now Dementia, Deludius, Insanitus, Figmentia, Fableius, are making hourly appearances, and the empire crumbles. But Stupidius still plucks at his banjo, ignoring the rising flood and the cracking flames, with a rictal grin and an unseeing stare, trying to learn to play 'Oh Great Father Above I Am Coming Home To Thee' on strings which melt in the heat.
    This empire will end. The question is: Before or apres deluge?

  4. I "Cussicus" an a regular basis. I throw darts at the image of "The Elected (cough) Big Brother"
    His head grows large...from inner toxins....his eyes grow smaller..trying to catch up with his remaining brain cell, which is now on crutches. I guzzle my Strawberry Kefir, and thank God for my sweet life. I water the local bobcat, and peer into his soul.

  5. Considering the state of the Empire, wouldn't the pushers of 'Intelligent Design' have more success if they changed their campaign to promote 'Unintelligent Design'?

    Not only could they continue to smugly ignore reality, but they would be hyping an 'Unbright Creator of the Universe', which many intelligent people might be able to give credence to, at least as a possibility, at least when they were drunk, or senile.

    There would certainly be more logical support for an 'Unbright Creator', than 'Intelligent Design.