Monday, July 16, 2007

The visitor

A Vietnam vet, was Navy, special operations and a sniper, suffering from PTSS, and bicycle racer at national level –
Now a woman, 62 years old, stuck in pain, in body and soul. Not pathetic, but searching. The latest identity superimposed on all this, when finding out after her mom died, that she was Cherokee and finding the family name in the books – yet not quite looking the part because of a German father.
How does one integrate voice and attitude from one life segment to the next? Only in the bike racing, she was recognized an athlete in her before and after. She always knew she was a woman, not gay, but just a woman born in the wrong body. Where can she find acceptance, a companion, peace of mind and fulfillment? It is such a simple but hard to fulfill wish since no groups seem to accept her for all she is. Only there where society is not judgmental but welcoming all differences will she be home.


  1. My kind of friends will accept her. My friends are special, and growing all the time.

  2. Some visitors just come and go.

    Others do (and need) more.