Saturday, July 21, 2007


The evening is warm and sweet, filling me with a tenderness for the day. You know, something urges you to get in your car and in my case I drive to Kingman. I find real reasons to go there: a Mexican blanket, a talk to the museum director, buying a book, which turned out to become a gift, going to K mart. Now I wonder what I a doing there, but spend the time I am supposed to spend there, going on to Basha’s: I get some little thing, not enough to call it shopping and drive back through downtown Kingman and on a corner I see a friend who lives quiet a bit away and whom I have been calling for three weeks. So we hang out, we talk, get a late Mexican lunch and decide to go back to my gasstation. My friend is a Hualapai healer and singer. He lays a hand on my body and sings a song in Hualapai. He takes my legs and finds a hidden pain, I wasn’t aware of and sings it away. Then he sings a song taking me by the hand for letting go of what is not wanted in my body and my soul and mind. I follow eyes closed his steps. In all, four songs which make me feel at ease, at peace, happy, serene. We kid a bit and talk and make plans. Then he drives back and will gather roots on the way home and I go to find friends in the restaurant, friends I haven’t seen in a year and again fate is merciful at the next table some kind people, dear to me are sitting. Ok, I have listened to what I needed to do and seem to be rewarded with meeting whom I needed to meet. Thanks to the Wave Structure of Matter, I know these things happen because all is related to all. You just need to follow its pulse.


  1. Yes ! The cosmic dance. And life is especially wonderful, too, when the lizards give you full eye contact, and don't charge "tourist dollars" for it. j

  2. When things are flowing well, and you and the cosmos are in synch, you can move quickly enough to collect lizard's tails (they grow new ones), dry them in the morning sun, and use them as toothpicks to pry the cosmic dust and splattered insects from between your grinning teeth as you careen down the road of life, full speed ahead, toward the setting sun, clinging to your amour du jour.