Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The trailteam

Antelope canyon is where the walk went over BLM land and the wilderness area. Pristine, high-country land under a morning cloud cover, land filled with pinion pine, dried out trees trying to sprout new leaves after the first few rains, confident in their future. The three Antelope springs surprise with reeds and cattails at a 4500 feet beautiful, easy hike in a special place. Itchyfoot and Ingrid checked out the trail, cleared the path, planned on future maintenance and along the 4 X4 ride up to the starting point, picked up all the cans. People, just don’t litter. Mother Nature doesn’t like that, remember it is the earth that supports us.
The clouds stayed, the sun burning hot behind them. The promise of rain and a cool night unkept, muggy heat in a dry, thirsty desert matches my thoughts of packing and leaving in a just a few days. The things we carry between continents amaze me: books and blanket. Wisdom and warmth – or so one hopes.

ps: I got good illustrative pictures the dial up connecton is however extremely slow. Maybe more pictures later.


  1. When we disrespect Nature, she becomes an expert at pulling the carpet from beneath our feet. A custom job, I would say. But when we respect her, she has the finest rewards.j

  2. File under He moves in mysterious ways:

    Could it be that the reason He made Coke and Pepsi and beer was not just to satiate the thirst and desires of the drinkers, but to give them a joyous, carefree feeling of 'Devil may care less' as they discard the containers wherever they empty them?

    And that as the empty containers are discovered by passersby, they serve another purpose by giving the passersby a feeling of superiority to the scoundrels who discarded them, which superiority feeling is essential to the well-being of most people?

    And if the discoverers are so inclined, and pick up the containers to dispose of them in a more 'PC' manner, they get an additional feeling of dogoodedness, which is essential to the warped psyches of those with martyr complexes.

    And, finally, when the rescued containers are recycled, and processed to create new containers, the endless cycle begins again, and His main purpose in creating the Earth and it's inhabitants is fulfilled, as each performs his predestined function.

  3. Fer sure. The all mighty..forming sand glass into pop bottles for knotty headed goons to throw against rocks, and drag their knuckles across one anothers foreheads. Deep.