Thursday, July 19, 2007

White supremacists

In Kingman, Arizona, where Mc Veigh lived for a while and probably got his explosives, 2 white supremacists threatened and intimidated some neighbors. Upon the arrival of the cops, they proclaimed loudly, proudly that they were members of the Arian Brotherhood. They were taken into custody and one of the charges was membership of a criminal syndicate. The Arian Brotherhood has been heavily involved with the amphetamine trade in this area. And now one or two moved into my little desert town. A week or so ago a black man was in the bar, admittedly a rare occasion. He was articulate, good-looking and not really drunk. Some of the local toughies kept yelling “This guy doesn’t know he is black.”, “He doesn’t know he is a nigger.” So I am beginning to wonder how many Arian Brotherhood members or supporters are in town.
Among he motley crew of my friends you’ll find all colors, plenty of different religions or atheists. Most of these friends are tolerant except towards stupidity, racism, the search for power and $$, and recurrent violence. I have no patience for groupings who feel to be better than the rest, be it based on the lilywhiteness of their skin, the supremacy of their state or because they deem themselves to be the chosen people, or because only their god is the real god. All this is ugliness of the mind. Although child abuse, domestic violence, economic exploitation and dollar driven bloodthirsty war is part of the same constellation. May a black hole inhale these aberrations of the human mind. We are all related!


  1. People like that make my skin crawl. Even dust mites avoid them. Wary dogs cast a side eye toward such nit wits. They put on a brave show when surrounded by the Ivory "brotherhood". Drop them in the bad parts of Washington, DC wearing racist T shirts and watch them cry for their mommies.I have never had a problem with "black" people. And I am a Hindu. j

  2. Why are 'black' holes called 'black' holes?
    They suck up everything near them, energy, substance, heat, light, information, data, everything.
    And they emit nothing, no energy, no substance, ho heat, no light, no information, no data, no nothing.
    Given the chance, enough time, black holes could consume the universe, leaving no remnant.
    We need a war on black holes.

    We could call it the 'Black Holey War'.

    And I am a christian crusader.

    Rastus Jones Muhammed Washington
    (Ain't no white folks ever bothered me none since I got my Dobies, 'Swift Sword', and 'Lightnin' Bolt').