Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The sandstorm

How to photograph the whining, howling wind, the wisps of dirt chased along the road and the empty bottles rolling to their destination of shattered desert glass slowly turning purple.
Then came the sand filling canyons and the valley as it approached. It was in your eyes and hair and ears. A few minutes and it was done and gone but the wind stayed on. The banana moon illuminates the sparse clouds heavy with water. Lead is the color then, but not for here, not for this forlorn, forgotten, forsaken desert town where the kindness of a friend reminds you of your history and tomorrow’s dreams. The wind is warm. The summer is dry and hot. The monsoon is late, while the sandstorm displays unexpected drama.
How to photograph the force of the wind, moving your body while you write on the flapping paper under the swaying light and the creaking, screeching tin?


  1. Long-time desert dwellers do not revel in standing out in the open to experience 'sand'storms. They realize that the 'sand' in 'sand'storms is composed of mouse turds, rat feces, dessicated rabbit, quail, lizard and coyote droppings, as well as minute clumps of grains of sand which have aggregated because of being urinated upon by all desert creatures, including the over-beered desert rats leaning against the exterior walls of saloons while relieving themselves of the distillations of a night of frolic and embibement.
    Experienced desert dwellers eschew sandstorms, wrapping bandanas tightly about nose and mouth and ears if forced outside, hoping not to be infected by the multitude of viral-like biotes transported by the 'dazzling' 'sand'storms, and also eschewing the company of the coughing tourists who are entranced by the lure of desert lore encapsulated in the romance of the 'sands'.

  2. Sand is itchy dirt.

  3. Fiddlesticks ! I stood out side talkin' to the storm like an old ghost and I am so healthy I could lift a dang blurned mule with one hand. We live in a sea of germs and that rat stuff kin git into Wal Mart Carpet, and end up in a rug rat's snout faster than you kin say "jack Rabbit". I will take a dust storm over flourescent lights, tacky Chinese imports, and those goofy greeters any time. Wheee dawgies !

  4. 'Sand'storms, WalMart carpets and Chinese toys are devices designed to get the 'dumb' out of the gene pool before it has a chance to reproduce.

    (By the way, if you get those 'goofy' greeters out from under the fluorescent lights and into daylight, they look pretty normal. They still act goofy, though)

    HEEAHHH, dogies!

  5. The burro says you got a good point 'bout that gene pool thing. J