Saturday, March 10, 2012

Disgrace-In ongenade J.M.Coetzee

A long time ago I read this book by Coetzee. Josse De Pauw adapted the novel for the stage and his feat is that he maintained the storyline, the male/female divide, abusive sexuality, the darkest side of our soul and even the glimmer of hope of the new South Africa. The play takes us past stereotypes and shows us more darkness of the soul, moral dilemma's we can't quiete work out than we would care to acknowledge as existent in our own soul "My head became an asylum for the old thoughts which have no other place to go" says David Lurie. It is an international cooperation that brought about this play in the form we see it. The director is Luk Perceval working as a guest director with Toneelgroep Amsterdam. I was impressed by Katrin Brack one of Germany's most renowned stage designers. Hence the picture I am showing which is what you see upon entering to take your seat. The concept is used well. Walking home I heard other theatergoers comment: It is not a play that makes one happy. And: A lot of food for thought. Right: all art is quite useless but for stimulating thought and questioning. Well, I'll remain a fan of Coetzee, even with the harsh truths about our fallible humanity or because of it, to say nothing about his superior writing. Should I mention that one of the best actors was present, some writers, the beau monde and some half gods... It was a memorable evening.

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