Monday, March 26, 2012

Preparations for a poetry presentation

 After translating, proofreading with the authors and the lay out follows the printing and shipping of the books. Since we presented work of three poets we made little bundles of the three books with colorful, joyous ribbons.
 And yes, poetry for the world for books arriving on Unesco's world poetry day on March 21.
Then the producer/ translator/ poet, founder of world internet books Fred Schywek carries the result of months and months of work to the Gallery De Zwarte Panter. Here Annie Reniers is doing a sound checkwhile host Adriaan checks lights, helps with putting up chairs, provides a table for the books and even came up with a blue money box. The last words of her book Buchstabenlicht - Letters van licht- Letters of light is the title of her book.

the step out of time
brings us back

to the immediacy
of resistance and resurrection

a form appears
of branches of air
magnanimous in meeting

and silence
silence cuts a road

rivers flow out of an Eden 
fires rage through centuries
for an egg of warmth

drawn after no one’s image

in letters of light

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