Sunday, March 11, 2012

One year after the quake- The choir of the 10.000

To commemorate the people lost in Japan last year, to struggle through grief and coming out on the side of joy the choir of the 10.000 was brought together to perform the ninth of Beethoven. The message of Schiller text seems to resonate: relearning joy, being ein Held zum ziegen, a hero who overcomes all difficulty. This performance was aired on Arte and was moving. 

Now humans cannot avoid earthquakes or tsunamis but we can avoid nuclear power to make matters worse so:
Stop the Belgian nuclear power plants in Doel-Antwerp and Tihange!!!
On this day, one year after Fukushima we have to spread the word to free the world of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons.
Although the Belgian government had decided on a moratorium for the Doel Plant, Antwerp, the new owners EDF, Electricit√© de France, are keeping it open. In France there are 58 nuclear plants. President Sarkozy and President Obama each have just given the green light to build new nuclear plants instead of  supporting wind and solar energy or other renewable energy sources. With nuclear energy the only thing durable is the nuclear waste.
Stop Doel and Tihange now. Remember the victims in Japan.
To stay informed about actions for a nuclear free world.

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