Thursday, August 2, 2007


After a good conversation with Dr Scarpone I came to the conclusion that to be the fireman in internet activism isn’t really my thing. I have been signing petitions, writing letters and e-mails and calling people in Congress, wrote the President… I felt that I was time and time again just addressing the symptoms of a greater malaise. I am reducing my activities to what to me are the core issues and want to concentrate on those. If we can fix them, the rest will follow hopefully. My list is: peace, and lets be clear I mean everywhere in the whole world in all these issues, good education, which leads to citizens thinking clearly and critically – the only way democracy can function- and free speech, also climate change or environmental issues since our survival may depend on these. I guess it all could be said in two words: communication and respect as the rappers say).
In the mean time the soap opera of events unfolds from day to day in my desert town: first the bar is closed (no liquor license) and nobody can get drunk, since the other place is too expensive for a hardy drinker. Now the other place is closed till September: The rumor goes, gone to Cuba to investigate a new business adventure. Really? So most mornings the only place for coffee and a full tank of gossip is the porch of the local store… See you there tomorrow morning and then I will be on the road again to Europe. Back on line: probably Monday. Today packing and stacking and taking leave of this hungry dried out town.

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  1. Well, never fear. I have a rumor that a "Coffee roasting lady" will head into town someday with her burro, and roast fresh green coffee beans,then grind them..wafting the scent of coffee all thru the streets...of those who wish to enjoy this heavenly brew. Sometimes we have to take the burro by the halter, and tell the greedy government to take a flying leap into self sufficiency. Let 'em cry...we are the people who take the burro (gently), and lead him to the good grass. j