Wednesday, August 15, 2007


What is it about aging that frightens us: the wrinkles, the discoloration of our fresh skin, gravity that works on all that can sag and sink? The way our hands look, our body feels, bent out of shape? Or is it competition like J. suggests: to compete with younger women, to keep a husband? Is it our self esteem, or lack thereof that makes us nip and tuck, and color our hair. When I was end thirties, one day I had put a gray flash in my hair to see how I would look 15 years, 20 years later. My colleagues were shocked. Now I experiment with color and cut, to see what I can look like now. But more important is to see what I can think now, what I want to do now, what makes me feel in tune with the Wave Structure of Matter, with all the possible universes. I guess that aging made me a bit more insecure about counting on my body doing what it is supposed to do. I think there is more growth ahead. I feel I am still just the chrysalis, waiting to become a butterfly. I have to admire Dr Scarpone: he eats right and natural and exercises and pushes himself. So he can do what he wants to do, and having a choice at all times. My futurist reminded me that the most important action towards a good future is: keeping open as many options as one can and embracing change.


  1. we don't become full-fledged butterflies until we are well into our 70's!!! and yes, we must keep open as many options as we can, and always embrace change.

    i'm on to blog #3. wish me luck!!

  2. A few older women might also date younger men (as men date younger women during that "male crisis thing").Young flesh is wonderful, but it's a helpful awakening to find that security wins out in the long run. Firm flesh with an empty refridgerator is not a good combination. Will Mr. or Ms "Young Flesh" be willing to talk about the joy of sensible shoes, long term care, insulation, insurance, nursing home fees ? Probably not, unless I am paying for HIS future on my dime. Just a thought. I am not bashing youth, or old age. I wouldn't take my 20 something brain again. I am happy being older. It's decreptiude that frightens me. As long as I keep my sense of humor, can still write a good ghost story, and rustle up my own food, I should be okay.j