Saturday, August 11, 2007

New beginnings

Having the keys to my new flat, I suddenly felt this urge to do a few things, besides celebrate with Rockcastle and have her come and look at it. So today I bought a bucket and a mop, cleaning stuff for the bathroom, even a special sponge, ecological soap for the kitchen, for the floor. All with different smells. I also bought chicken wire not to keep the pigeons out, but to protect my small dogs on the high balcony. I guess it is a ritual of sorts, cleaning and protecting one's animals. Planting flowers on the balcony is the next step.

1 comment:

  1. There's a new floor wax that's 'bug-friendly'. Not only will the little creatures not slip and slide on the waxed floors, disorienting themselves, but if the housekeeper is especially meticulous, and there's nothing for the bugs to eat in the cupboards, they can safely munch on the wax and get all of their essential nutrients.
    An absolute necessity for all Green, Pacifist, Obsessively-Compulsively Clean Households.
    But remember, spay or neuter your roaches to prolong the shine on your floors.