Sunday, August 19, 2007


The preparation has been intense: training, getting the right equipment and making it work just right, food, organizing a bit of back up... The photographer/cyclist is one of the over 5400 participants in the PBP event: 1227 km in 80 hours on a bicycle. The riders, in order to be accepted, have to prove they can ride and have to submit 'brevets' of 200, 300, 400, 600 km. Today at 12 AM it was the control of the bikes and of the participants. We haven't heard of the photographer so I assume he can start tomorrow night at 8 PM. You can follow the riders on the internet. 1473 is his frame number. He uses a 10 year old carbon graphite frame. Tomorrow the Architect and the Futurist will travel to Paris to be the swag wagon and to provide him with food and drinks at the control posts and to lend moral support. It is a very grueling, hilly stretch of country and the 27 km just before entering Paris after having done Paris-Brest- almost back to Paris are really hard.

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  1. While I have never seen the countryside you mention, I have been on the road many cyclists worldwide use to practice on for the Tour de France, and other competitions. Let us just say that my hat is off to anyone and everyone who competes in this type event.

    I am so happy you are enjoying my blogs. please feel free to use them in your teachings.