Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Gray Justice

My friends here in Europa complain about the endless rain and local floods since June. Just returning from the desert I feel blessed by having had so much light. Here the grayness threatens to steal all color. In the desert, the clouds rolling over the high mountains, slowly filling up the valleys and then spreading their haze over the main road, blanketing gently the houses, unsharpening their contours, bring coolness, but not darkness. Having such a wide view it seems as if all weather is just a local happening. Four miles down the road the sun reflects upon the copper tailings of the mine. And anyway, you know that in one or two hours, the sun will have burned away all moisture and that the light will be so clear that sunglasses and a black rimmed hat can't really shield one's eyes. So much light and still there is darkness and fear in the peoples hearts: The President has decided that we are all dangerous, and that it is OK to read our e-mails, our blogs and listen to our telephone calls. It is not because it is legal now, that this is right. The USA used to be a free country.


  1. If we feel we are being watched, and monitored...what delightful FUN we can have with the old fools who are silly enough to bug their eyeballs out reading about my Aunt Gumps surgical operations..imagine...a self officious gvernment paid buffoon...being paid to spy on US...the "crazy" desert dwellers who love to have ORIGINAL...NON SHEEPLE thoughts !!! Cause to celebrate....your tax dollars being blown into the wind...rather than used to help those in dire need. The demons of hell are very happy....

  2. Zo is het: wolken die het licht stelen en regeringsleiders die hetzelfde doen met ons privé leven.
    Oeioei ik schreef in ' my mother tongue', als dat niet verdacht is!