Monday, August 6, 2007

The road back

I took the long way home. My friend the Lion took me from the desert to a magic show by Aaron Radatz. Wonderful, sweet and kind and as you can see honoring Houdini as an escape artist. He escaped in under two minutes, a real feat. (No it is really not me dangling from the plane because I am cheap.) After just two hours sleep, the Lion took me through the dark of night into Las Vegas. I felt as awake as the couple on the picture. In Washington there were problems first with the airco of the plane:We are trying to cool off the plane and then There is something with the hydraulics... After seeing parts of a motor carried on and puzzled faces of mechanics, four hours later we were on our way in a different plane. Travel, it will always catch you unawares. So in the last couple of nights/days I didn't sleep much, but I am back on line, blog I must. By the way if the quality of friendship would be measured in how early a person is willing to rise to give you a ride, then I have some real good friends...

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