Thursday, August 30, 2007

Brave Men in Black

A small but impressive group of orthodox Jewish men demonstrate peacefully against Zionism, for peace, and the peaceful dismantlement of the state of Israel. Yes, that’s right! Every time a conference is held about peace in the Middle East they show their support to the Palestinian cause. They consider this their moral duty. Their deep conviction that Zionism is incompatible with true Orthodox Judaism is based on the Torah, which teaches that the Jewish people was send in exile far away from the promised land because they had not obeyed the divine laws. One of these laws forbids formally the use of armed force against any people in order to impose their political will. Moreover Orthodoxy is based on the religious obligation of compassion and humanism towards all individuals and the whole of humanity. The Torah, they tell me, teaches that the indigenous Palestinians are sovereign and have a rightful claim to govern their own state. Going against the teachings of the Torah through the errors of Zionism, which they see as a heresy and a cruel philosophy, is what brought down all the pain and bloodshed.
Thus these brave men go and stand to show the world that there are other ways of looking at war and peace. They reminded me that they have an obligation of courtesy, friendship and respect towards the Muslims since they gave shelter during the persecutions of the Jews in Europe.
These Rabbis and laymen call for a peaceful solution to the terrible impasse. Moral, economic and political pr
essure should come from all corners of the world to ensure a durable peaceful coexistence.

The honorable men end their thoughts with a prayer: May we soon be worthy of the time in which the whole world will know peace and that eternal glory well be revealed. Amen.
Peace now!

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  1. Good men. I also recall when the women ( some of them) in Israel were helping to protect Muslim women who wanted to shop for food.I am so sick of violence, hate, and greed, not to mention that Blabbermouth Prez Bush who glows and levitates when he uses the word "Sacrifice". He is the one who needs to GO.
    I wish humans would wake up a little faster. j