Thursday, August 23, 2007


The photographer arrived: 15 minutes past three in the afternoon. Almost two hours under the target he had set himself. He was not just trying to do in the allowed time of 80 hours, but he thought he could do in 70. He did in in 68 hours and about 15 minutes. Now the swag wagon still has to work: taking care of him, cooking, getting some sleep (they slept probably less than he did) and getting back to Antwerp from St Quentin, near Paris. Congratulations, to all 5.000 plus who participated in the PBP ride, flowers for the photographer and the futurist and a toast to exciting lives.

1 comment:

  1. Geez, the photographer made goot time. But consider:
    1.In the same amount of time (had his name been Wandratsch), he could have swam the English Channel almost ten times,
    2.Had he been in a Bugatti Veyron instead of on a bike, it would have taken him only 3 hours,
    3. He could have made over 55,700 quarter-mile runs in an NHRA top-fuel dragster,
    4. George Bush could have mumbled 40,950 lies (at his normal pace of 10/minute),

    Or he could have done the PBP round trip in a Veyron, swum the English Channel, done a quarter-mile run in a dragster, listened to Bush tell 6600 lies, AND had time left over to make leisurely love to a futurist for a full 40 hours.

    I dunno about the priorities here. Whadda YOU think?